Natural gas pipeline safety certification

This self-directed training program helps emergency responders learn to safely identify and respond to incidents involving natural gas pipelines. It includes a series of educational modules that you can complete at your own pace, followed by online interactive quizzes that test your understanding of the training material.

Successfully complete all three modules with a score of 80% on the quizzes, and you will earn a personalized Certificate of Completion. This certificate demonstrates mastery of a subject area and may satisfy additional training hours required by your department.

[Your utility name here] may distribute natural gas and electricity in your department’s response area. If [your utility name here] is not the local natural gas provider or pipeline operator at an incident scene, please coordinate your gas incident response with the appropriate natural gas utility.

Please note: This training reflects industry best practices but is not intended as a substitute for formal tactical training or your organization’s guidelines. Please consult with your training officer to ensure all appropriate formal training has taken place, and be sure to follow your department’s SOPs/SOGs.

To begin the course, you must start with Module 1. A module is considered complete when you have completed all of its topics and passed its quiz. Completed modules are indicated by a check mark. You may leave the program at any time and return to resume where you let off.

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